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Mortgages, auto loans, and student loans make up part of the total debt for an average household, but credit card debt also forms a significant portion of the overall household debt.

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It has become more challenging by the day for an average American family to service credit card debt. Data shows that an average balance of $6,929 from credit card debt grows from one month to another, continuously increasing debt size and making it harder for borrowers to settle the debts. Considering mortgages, school loans, auto loans, and credit card debt, the average American family has an outstanding debt of $135,768.

Optimal Debt Solutions has Certified Debt Specialists and recognizes a borrower’s everyday struggle to retire runaway debt. We are a debt relief company aiming to help Monument residents lead a financially secure life.

Get in touch with us and take part in our free debt evaluation to help you begin a new life of financial freedom.

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Money Management with Debt Consolidation

It is rather challenging for anyone to pay or manage different types of bills every month. It is tough to make bill payments using several credit cards, each with a unique payment plan. At the same time, it is next to impossible to manage other bill payments for rent, data, utilities, cable, and loan obligations.

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Debt consolidation is a financial management strategy that merges payment of various bills into a single debt obligation. Monument debt consolidation reviews your outstanding debts, standardizes and pools them together in a single, sizeable debt product.

Usually, debt consolidation brings inherent benefits to the debt holder, such as smaller monthly payments and reduced interest rates on debt. For this reason, many individuals opt for debt consolidation to manage credit card debts, school loans, among other forms of debt.

The first step in debt consolidation is the procurement of a loan product that will serve in place of all the separate loan burdens held by a consumer. It is relatively common for borrowers to consolidate other credit card payments into a new credit card and which synchronizes management of bill payments from a single source.

Consolidating credit card payments into one new credit card may enable a consumer to transfer cash balance from one credit card to another (if that feature exists). On the other hand, with collateral, consumers can secure loans from banks, credit unions, online lenders, or other lending institutions.

You can avoid a great deal of the frustrations of paying your bills by setting up a simplified, consolidated payment plan for all your monthly bills. The single payment plan will let you make a sole payment to one lender before a pre-determined day of the month. That way, you will avoid shuffling through different payment plans with other deadlines.

There are alternative strategies to debt consolidation available at Optimal Debt Solutions. We recommend useful alternatives to debt consolidation to help you avoid burdening yourself with unnecessary loans. We engage with your creditors directly with a view of negotiating and agreeing on improved loan terms to save you money and time.

Optimal Debt Solutions‘s commitment is to provide clients with the right resources and tools to unlock the financial freedom they earnestly seek.

Get in touch with our Monument Certified Debt Specialists. We are eager to hear from you and help you develop a definite plan to retire your debts and regain financial strength as soon as possible.

Debt Settlement vs. Consolidation

Your debt management program goes a long way to determine how fast you can get out of undesirable debt. From the different approaches available in the finance world, you will need the most efficient managing and paying off your debt. From years of professional experience and research, we recognize debt settlement as the best financial freedom approach.

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Debt settlement is different from debt consolidation. Consolidation of debt does not reduce the amount of your outstanding debt. There are no benefits from negotiated/friendly loan terms; the borrower continues to pay the same amount of money required for debt service. Debt consolidation means the borrower will struggle to pay off debt unless they increase the debt-service payments or considerably lower their household spending.

Also, you could spend two to five years in a Monument debt consolidation program to fully pay off your outstanding debt (provided your debt levels are constant during that period). Debt consolidation burdens you with a new obligation based on loan terms in your previous debt obligations.

On the other hand, debt settlement provides an effective option to pay off debts. Optimal Debt Solutions, as a credit counseling organization, works closely with a borrower to understand their spending lifestyles and their existing debt position. Our Debt Specialists will guide you on adjusting your budget and releasing funds to pay off debts faster.

Debt settlement allows a borrower to negotiate for a reduction in the amount of outstanding debt by up to 50%. Also, debt settlement may allow the borrower to reduce the amount and the number of individual debt-service payments, making it manageable to pay off the debt immediately.

Contact Optimal Debt Solutions today if you seek professional assistance to reduce/eliminate the debt burden and get you back on your feet quickly. We are passionate about enriching our client’s financial condition.
With years of experience in credit counseling, we are the leading consultants for debt management in Monument.

Take Control Of Your Finances

Debt Settlement Experts

With Optimal Debt Solutions, your pursuit for financial freedom and a debt-free future is well achievable. At Optimal Debt Solutions, we understand the complexities involved in debt payment and have simplified the process in four simple steps:

The first step is our initial Free Evaluation carried out by a Certified Debt Specialist. We discuss your existing financial position, continuing payments, and unsettled debts. This evaluation gives us an estimate for your potential savings and an understanding of what you can pay without unreasonably stretching your finances.

We come up with a personalized debt-reduction plan to accommodate your specific financial needs. You also get an opportunity to discuss various strategic options for debt settlement with our experts. Our experts will help you begin your financial management program and monitor your debt resolution plan.

We provide an online portal to give you access to your debt management program at your convenient time. The portal will also allow you easy access to debt management resources and talk to our debt-reduction specialists.

Negotiations for settlement of your debt will commence after we have laid the required debt-management strategies. In the negotiation stage, we contact your creditors in your place and search for the best opportunity to reduce your debt. Our comprehensive understanding of how various lending institutions deal with bad debt allows us to plan negotiations the best way for success.

You will retain access to your online portal all through the period of your debt settlement program. You can reach out to our debt settlement experts and get the answers, clarifications, or assistance you may need for a debt-free lifestyle. Our debt management tools will reduce the number of times your creditor needs to contact you.

Contact Optimal Debt Solutions today and begin to take control of your debts and finances; we will provide the ideal debt settlement program for you!

Monument Debt Settlement Company

Monument Debt Consolidation Company optimal logoIf you’re struggling to clear your bills, have suffered a reduction of income, or have strained your relationship with your creditors due to bad debt, well, worry not. Our Monument debt settlement experts want to work for you to regain your financial strength and independence.

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